Saturday, February 12, 2011

6. the sea-side angel

A number of these shells (and driftwood) were found on the shores of Georgia, and northwest Florida. The sand-dollar is from Florida, especially :) 
When I look at them, I am reminded of all the times I collected sea shells, either with my family, class-mates, or alone. And I can remember where I found each shell, what the day was like, and what I was feeling. They hold a lot for me. 

Also, I am really struggling to keep up with these angels. Its hard to remember to do, and I have been busy. 

I've had a lot to pray for recently - a lot to be thankful for too, but also a lot to still worry about. I went in for tests, to see about the ulcer (which included an endoscopy...I was a quivering mass of panic attacks about that, but then they sedated me, and I slept, and it was all good :D ) and the good news is that I don't have an ulcer. 
The bad news is that I have a stomach hiatal hernia, and acid reflux disease. I can control the acid reflux with diet and medication, and make it go away, but the hernia has to stay unless I opt for surgery which is not recommended. So basically... I'm 21 years old, and can't really smoke, drink, eat pizza, over exert myself, etc, etc. Its a little scary, and I'm awfully sad about the diet change (especially the part about no tea, chocolate, coffee, cheddar cheese, and bacon) but I am glad to finally know what was causing all the pain and nausea. That was seriously no fun.

They put me on a medication to help heal my esophagus and calm my stomach, but my insurance has decided not to pay for it. So now I'm in a big mess, trying to self-medicate with a bland diet and sleeping upright, until we can get it all sorted out. Hopefully that will be monday. 

Tomorrow I have work early in the morning, and need to go to bed. 

Cheers :) 


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