Monday, January 31, 2011

1. the 3 am angel

drew this late last night.

hope sometimes comes to us in the strangest of ways. 


I recently came across a project entitled "365 skulls" wherein the artist Noah Scalin created 365 skulls out of any medium he could find - be that toothpaste, crayons, snow, or bottlecaps. 
I first saw the video here: 

and then later found his blog here: 

(and not to throw yet another link down, but I then discovered that this has been an on-going trend - people are actually making books of this stuff. 365 photos of shoes, flowers, examples of kindness, newspaper clippings... the possibilities are endless. The site with more info can be found here: )

So after watching the skull video and reading a snippet of his blog, I brushed it off as just a fun internet excursion, and went on with my life. But the idea stuck, and played out in the back of my mind as I fell asleep, for several nights. The 365 days would drive me to creativity, give me a schedule... it was exactly what I was needing. So in the end, inspired by skulls, I decided to start a blog of my own. 

Except that I didn't want to do skulls. 
It had already been done, and I wondered if one would end up constantly meditating on death, in such a macabre project. I wanted instead to think of something that would be uplifting, not too complex, and perhaps even spiritual... something I could explore with a great, profound depth, but not something too terribly serious either. And then the idea of angels just hit me. 

I will do my best to cover a wide range of mediums and materials in this blog. I am most comfortable with photography and writing, but will do my best to branch out and include wildly creative endeavors. Perhaps I'll include angels cut out of bank statements, sewn into a quilt, or sculpted out of mud. I basically just want to get my hands dirty.

Unfortunately, because I didn't hear about the project until after the new year, I can't technically pledge to do a angel a day, for 365 days. So I rounded it down, and mine is now simply 300 angels. 

If it goes well, I may continue om. It might become 500 angels. or even 1,000. 

And maybe someday I'll compile a video like Noah's, and inspire someone else across the world to start thinking, and get creative.